Official Celebration of
Tabriz, OIC City of Tourism 2018
Tabriz, Islamic Republic of Iran-25 April 2018

General Information Note

1. Venue and Date
Tabriz City Hall - April 25, 2018.

2. Registration
All participants are required to submit the completed registration form by April 15th, 2018.

3. Transportation
ICHTO will arrange transport for all participants upon arrival, and departure from Tabriz and
Tehran (IKA) International Airports, as well as return transport between their hotels and the
meeting place.

4. Accommodation
The host country will bear the cost of accommodation in Tabriz for three days based on Minister
plus three and Ambassador plus one. Other participant’s accommodation costs must be paid by
Accommodation at the hotels includes a buffet breakfast. All participants will be provided with
two other meals for lunch and dinner.

5. Entry Formalities
A valid passport is required for visitors to I. R. of Iran. Please contact the Iranian embassy or
consulate in your country in order to find out about the necessity of obtaining a visa to enter Iran.
If you need a visa, please contact Ms. Mitra Narvand through

6. Currency Exchange
The exchange rate of Iranian Rial to USD is currently as follows:
USD 1.00 = 49000 Rials

8. Clothing
Please observe Islamic dress code (Hijab) all through your visit.

10. Credit Card
International credit cards and foreign checks are not accepted in Iran.

11. Climate
Tabriz enjoys a mild climate in spring with a temperature of 7-15 °c and medium chance of precipitation in April.

12. Electricity Supply
The standard voltage in Iran is 220 V and the frequency is 50 Hz.

13. Healthcare
Medical facilities in Iran are well-established, offering high standard services.

14. Internet Access
Wi-Fi will be available at the Hotel and City Hall.

16. Contact Information
Liaison Person in Tabriz: Ms. Mina Ranjbar
Tel: +98 – 41 – 3553 20 30 Fax: +98 – 41 – 3554 60 50
ICHTO’s International Affairs Bureau:
Tel: +98(21)88948816 & 88949017 Fax: +98(21)88949117
Visa Coordination:
Tel: +98(21)88948816 & 88949017 Fax: +98(21)88949117 E-mail:
More information is available on the Summit website at:

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